Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Community and the Single Parent

Parenting is hard work; Single Parenting is two fold. One thing can make single parenting easier. What is that thing you ask? Building a support system you can turn to for advice, childcare, work or  personal problems and/or for friendship. Take a moment imagine your community. What does it look lie? How does it feel? Community is more than geographic locale or having shared interests. Community is  having a network of people who trust and help each other out through good times and bad.

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5 Reasons why Community is a helpful tool for single parents:

  1. Social Support and Connections
    Social interactions is needed for any individual to have a positive and healthy life. The busy coming and goings of a single parent balancing life and family often makes building connections difficult. 

  2. Help
    Single parents sometimes feel that have to do everything on their own or that have to have "handled their business" for so long they forgot how to ask for help. Everyone needs a hand with childcare, transportation, food, clothing or just a break form the kids. 

  3. Mentoring
    We all need someone we trust to talk to and guide us through life situations. We can find mentor in a coworker, family member, organization member etc. Mentors can be that peace of sanity and guidance when you are facing a trying time by providing feedback, ideas and advice. 

  4. Energy  
    Think on this, how do you feel after having positive conversion  with someone. Socializing allows us to draw energy from people. Spending time talking, laughing or watching a movie helps you to feel refreshed.

  5. Confidence 
    Sharing Your experiences with other parents help you to that you are doing just as good as any other parent. Confidence allows you to acknowledge he great job you're doing. 

Most importantly community building means single parents can relax and not be in survival mode or "on the grind." In many ways by creating community, we allow our children to become more independent. Here at Angels Blessing people, we strive to build community. We are not just another organization giving handouts. We are here to help you grow by providing life skills classes, help you connect with community resources and connect with other single parents. We help to provide support and encouragement in raising your family. 

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